Book Review: The Invisible Man

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One of the best things and the mark of a true literary classic is in the story’s ability to really draw you into an authentic, historical experience. Classics can often serve as windows straight into some forgotten past and if you are willing to take the journey, your eyes and your mind are often treated to an experience far removed from the technological rat race of our daily lives. The Invisible Man is a classic sci-fi story that manages to blur the line between plausibility and implausibility while still serving as a unique window into the past.

The story is set in the 19th century, long before your home security, wireless internet, fancy cars, Bounce electric rates in Texas or even fast and powerful computers. All you have is the narrator and their description of the 19th century field of science and while it may have seemed limited compared to nowadays, the writer still manages to make it work. However, the sci-fi isn’t the real reason anyone reads this story.

The Invisible Man is a unique and engaging character study that really explores the depth of the human soul and addresses issues concerning the human condition. It asks us questions like what we would do if we had a kind of power or advantage (such as invisibility) over our fellow man. Then it challenges us to do better than our protagonist-turned villain who is the titular Invisible Man. If you are one of those people who reads stories for the characters then you will find plenty to love in this classic.

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