Why Texas is Different

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When people first move to Texas, they are usually surprised to learn about some of the state’s more unique laws concerning energy consumption. While these laws and rules can be difficult to understand and to get used to at first, new residents should know that all regulations were put in place with the goal of helping the environment and conserving natural resources in mind. Furthermore, all energy regulations and all public utilities are managed by the Public Utilities Commission of Texas, so specific energy providers, towns, and/or local government officials are never to blame for these energy laws; that’s just how things work in beautiful Texas!

To begin with, Texas residents do not have just one option when it comes to choosing a local energy provider, as is the case in many other states. Instead, Texas residents are free to choose from a variety of retail electric providers; in other words, they can choose their electric providers just as they would choose their cable or satellite providers! While this regulation may be a little confusing, it is actually quite beneficial to Texas residents since they can find the provider that works best for them and their unique energy needs.

As you can probably guess, the main reason behind this and other electrical regulations enforced in Texas is to conserve energy, but why is conserving energy so very important in Texas? Well, believe it or not, Texas has the highest energy consumption levels in the entire United States and, at one time, used as much energy as some countries! Obviously, those levels just weren’t sustainable, so the government introduced measures to help reduce energy consumption. The theory is basically that if users have to pay higher amounts for electricity and can see how much their usage costs them, they will tone their usage down accordingly. I like looking at this site for some more information: http://www.electricitycompaniestexas.com/stream-energy/Texas/.

While long-time Texas are more than used to the electrical rules concerning their state, newcomers may need a little help adjusting. Fortunately, though, they can seek assistance and advice and learn more information about Texas’s regulations by contacting local power companies and/or the Public Utilities Commission. If you’re a newcomer yourself, rest assured that, before you know it, you will be used to this new way of living; in fact, you probably won’t even remember a time when you weren’t following these regulations.

Top 10 Political Book Choices For 2011

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2011 was a great year for unforgettably insightful political books. Here are the top ten standouts that benefited the political discussion in 2011.

01. “To End All Wars,” by Adam Rothschild. This book focuses on the fate of principled First World War peace protestors in the United Kingdom.

02. “The End Of The West,” by David Marquand. Here, learn about the problems and issues that have led to the decline of Western power.

03. “Top Secret America,” by Dana Priest And William Akin. This startling book exposes the myriad ways the government tracks citizens without judicial oversight.

05. “Malcom X: A Life Read the rest…

Top 10 Mystery Novel Choices For 2011

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The year 2011 was notable for some of the best mystery novels published. In every sub-genre, mystery had a great year.

“The Cut,” by George Pelecano, is a private-eye novel featuring an investigator for a district attorney in Washington, D.C.

“The Stranger You Seek: A Novel,” written by Amanda Kyle Williams, written in the traditions of Tess Gerritsen, Val McDerrid or Karin Slaughter.

“The End of Everything,” by Megan Abbot, features a teen girl trying to Read the rest…

Top 10 Romance Novel Choices For 2011

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The good news about the literary world is that more readers now than ever before are taking interest in fantastic romance stories. Thousands of romance novels, novellas and short stories have already been published this year, and it seems as though many more are already in the works. The following list contains several fantastic romance stories published in 2011 that are worth reading.

1. Brushstrokes
2. Feels Like the First Time
3. Intoxicated
4. One Perfect Night
4. Dane
5. Cross My Heart
6. Waking Up Married
7. Winner Takes All
8. Runaway Heart
9. The Read the rest…

Book Review: The Invisible Man

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One of the best things and the mark of a true literary classic is in the story’s ability to really draw you into an authentic, historical experience. Classics can often serve as windows straight into some forgotten past and if you are willing to take the journey, your eyes and your mind are often treated to an experience far removed from the technological rat race of our daily lives. The Invisible Man is a classic sci-fi story that manages to blur the line between plausibility and implausibility while still serving as a unique window into the past.

The story is set in the 19th century, long before your home security, wireless internet, fancy cars, Bounce electric rates in Texas or even fast and powerful computers. All you have is the narrator and their description of the 19th century field of science and while it may have seemed limited compared to nowadays, the writer still manages to make it work. However, the sci-fi isn’t the real reason anyone reads this story.

The Invisible Man is a unique and engaging character study that really explores the depth of the human soul and addresses issues concerning the human condition. It asks us questions like what we would do if we had a kind of power or advantage (such as invisibility) over our fellow man. Then it challenges us to do better than our protagonist-turned villain who is the titular Invisible Man. If you are one of those people who reads stories for the characters then you will find plenty to love in this classic.

Top 10 Travelogue Choices for 2011

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10. West With the Night explores everything from the Beryl Markham’s childhood to her adventures as a bush pilot in Africa.

9. The Snow Leopard follows a team on their search for the elusive snow leopard of the Himalayas.

8. Into the Wild gives insight into the demise of Christopher McCandless as he hiked through the Alaskan wilderness.

7. In Patagonia is an enchanting account of the little known region of Patagonia.

6. The Starched Blue Sky Of Spain and Other Memoirs follows Josephine Herbst everywhere from mid-western America to Nazi Germany.

5. North to the Orient describes Read the rest…

Top 10 Sci-Fi Choices for 2011

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The first great Science Fiction book to come out this year was God’s War by Kameron Hurley. This book is about a government assassin in a future time. Second on the list is Up Against It by M. J. Locke, it takes place 400 years from now, and tells how a civilization must overcome sabotage to survive. Third is Equations of Life by Simon Morden, this post-apocalyptic novel tell the story of a survivor who tries to save a girl, but gets mixed up with the wrong crowd. The forth title is Soft Apocalypse by Will McIntosh, this Read the rest…

Top 10 Children’s Book Choices for 2011

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As an elementary-school librarian, I always keep up to date with popular children’s books so that I can purchase them for our library collection. One of the most trustworthy sources is the American Library Association, which has a committee that is part of the Association for Library Service to Children that devotes their time to finding great children’s books. Although their list of notable books is long, I chose these top ten books based on their subject Read the rest…

Top 10 Non-Fiction Choices For 2011

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Of all the new choices we have in the non-fiction area these books have seemed to make a mark on the literary society.

1. Heaven is for Real, by Todd Burpo with Lynn Vincent, is a father account of his 3 year old sons encounters with Jesus and Angels during an appendectomy.

2. Thunder Dog, by Michael Hingson with Susy Flory, is about the trials of a blind man and his dog.

3. Unbroken, by Laura Hillenbrand, is about an Olympic runner’s account of survival Read the rest…